What's a Sidewinder?

While I was trying to figure out a name for this business, I wanted something that would not only be meaningful and inspiring, but sound cool as well.  It didn't take long to come up with Sidewinder Web Creations.

A Sidewinder, in addition to being a type of snake that leaves unique impressions in the sand as it moves, is also the name of an experimental home-built aircraft.  The Smyth Sidewinder was the plane that my father started building before I was born and is one of my earliest memories.  It is beautifully sleek, fast, and meticulously hand-built by my father over several decades.  Go to the airpark in downtown Courtenay, B.C, and you'll often see him taking off early in the morning for a flight.

Along with my family, we're simply in awe of our father's dedication and perseverance to complete such a complicated project. Attention to detail, conviction, and follow-through are all traits that go along with the best web site providers and my goal is to be one of them.

Thanks for the inspiration, Dad!